Tune In

Hola, Sophia here.

a digital photographer & visual artist.

the Cubanita with a curious soul born on all Hallow's Eve in Miami, Florida.

the youngest girl of four older competitive brothers who 

impacted her tough love now expressed through the arts.

after dancing ballet for twelve years soccer won the stage.

when not scoring goals I was found doodling, crafting, and capturing memories -

with tunes, always.

S.C.A.R. spells out the full initials to her name - including my mother's maiden. At a young age, I had a freak bicycle accident thankfully only leaving me with a thick scar running across my stomach. It is my everyday reminder to keep pedaling towards my dreams - no matter how many uneven paths I will encounter. 

When not capturing memories behind the lens I am planning my next adventure. The ultimate goal in life is to turn all scars into stars


Why work together?

I am a talented and creative professional with diverse experience in communications, visual arts, marketing, and project management. I am vision-oriented and able to effectively lead full project development cycles to achieve objectives and drive high-quality products.

I am always working towards developing an idea or service. Through in-depth research and market analysis, the main goal is to guide our clients in the right direction towards positive growth. Let's create pure magic through unique perspectives and consistent outcomes.

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